Digit-analog-digit, 2016

30.5x29.8 inch

81 Dry Diffusion Prints (Polaroid)

This photo explores the relationship between digital and analogue technologies. Recently, the rapid development of new technology helps people to collaborate digital tools with analogue production to circumvent the “weakness” of analogue photos. The “weakness” includes unstable quality which means it is heavily affected by light and temperature. This leads the result of analogue photo hard to predict. However, I see this as a “kernel,” the core of the analogue production. This is because the instability of analog is what makes it unique and full of excitement. It involves personal touch and emotion. People have to wait to see the result which is the most exciting and interesting part. Since the result of each of the image is different, it makes every single of the image unique and precious. Analogue productions lose their temperature and texture when they work with digital. The image is designed through computer and printed out by a "digital to analogue" tool for Polaroid and then scan back to digital, there is no camera involved. 

Embark Gallery, Mar. 23rd-Apr. 28th "Rule No Rule"