Fragments, 2017

Hong Kong is a city with large population but little land. Therefore, people have to "squeeze" in small apartments. With its shortage of available land, everything is built upward high into the sky. This series questions the meaning of "need" and "excess."


Emerge Media Awards 2017 Judges’ Feedback for "More":

“The story is fantastic and the image speaks very well to the real life experience while still pushing a creative perspective. Well done, excellent work.”

“Your verticals are vertical, which is what we want in architecture in a photo like this.”

“I absolutely loved this image and the story behind it. I think it represented your idea very well and was executed beautifully.”

“This is a great image that fulfills its mandate of showing how people live in such crowded conditions.”

“I'm a fan of this type of work, and this shot is done well! The clean lines, colours and cropping show a discerning eye for detail. Crisp and contemporary. Very well done.”