Supper Moment, 2019


65x40 inches

Mixed Media (Acrylic on wood/ceramic/foam/board, fabric, ink on ceramic, ceramic, etc.)

This installation is intended to celebrate my 23rd birthday. In Cantonese, “3“ represents alive and born. I would like to recall my past experiences, thanks to my aliveness and to look forward. I describe this installation as a “layer cake,” which suggests there is different meanings layered. I was raised in China and came to North America when I was 18 years old. Both Chinese and Western cultures influence me. This is the first layer of the cake. I use “birthday,” which is a globalized celebration to open the discussion and to create a cheerful environment. Birthday has a bright feeling but it also means you are getting closer to death. This is dark. 

This installation also touches on the recent trade war between China and the U.S.. United States can be seem as the leader of the whole world but China is rapidly developing and become one of the most powerful country. The debate between which country is more powerful and which country will lose more in this war is still popularly discussed. However, as a Chinese living in the U.S., I am struggling between two sides. Secondly, there is a political layer which affecting both two countries as well as the economy of the world. 

Several themes are also discussed in this installation such as the language war between Chinese and English (which language is more popular), Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (Chinese/Putonghua and Cantonese), globalization (the tendency of singularity between culture) and the struggle of moving to different countries (not knowing the culture from home country and not familiar with the current country one’s living). I wonder what is “home” and where one belongs to.  The third layer is the underground layer that includes my personal experience but also discuss a wider topic. This layer discusses a globalized issues that apply to everyone.