The Dump of Broken Hearts, 2018


We are human, we feel the pain.

However, people sometimes choose to escape from the pain, instead of facing it. It is certain that pain is part of life and pain has value but people seem to carry too much negative emotions. The heartbreaking experience that bury at the bottom of one’s heart is like a fishbone that stuck in the throat, which prick one’s heart every time she/he unconsciously recall the experience. Facing the harrowing past can help people to ease the pain. Through the performance, the creator helps audiences to realize they are not the only one who carry pains and they are able to let go of heartbreaking experiences. "The dump of broken hearts" helps people to face their painful experiences and let go of it. The performance gives the affirmation to people that they can let go of the heartbreaking experiences, if they want to. Even though this performance encourages the audience to throw away the painful experience, it does not force the audience to let go. The audience writes down their harrowing experiences on a diary book and tear the paper down themselves in order to throw away their past experiences. It is a place to help them to make up their mind on whether they want to let go, or keep the experience in heart. It is a place to let people know which heartbreaking experience they want to throw. Except for this, the performance also encourages people to let go of the painful past and keep moving on. 

Face it. Throw it. 

Life goes on.

Created by: Ans Li, Yiling Zeng

Performer: Ans Li

Photo Documentation: Mengmeng Lu, Evelyn Yin, Leo Li

Poster taken by: Mengmeng Lu

Poster and Logo design: Ans Li

Photo Editing: Ans Li

Video Documentation&Editing: Yiling Zeng

Lighting: Anthony Chao

Sound: Sai, Yourong Zhao, Anthony Chao

(Special Thanks to: Alex Dai Zeming, Haley Toyama, Sunny and Yourong Zhao)


SFAI Fort Mason Atrium, March 5th &24th